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Good morning Everyone!

I recently have had occasion to reflect upon the adventure of moving.

Hand truck with crates

You know you’re moving if: 

1) You changed all of the shelf paper in the house any time recently.

2) You order new checks with your address on it.

3) You are on a first name basis with The Home Depot greeter who  keeps  a stack of boxes reserved especially for you.

4) Images of full trash bags dance in your head.

5) You tell someone, “I don’t care what it costs; all of the books are coming with us!”

6) You have to search your 12-year-old daughter’s bags every time you leave the old house going to the new house to be sure she isn’t trying to sneak more toys to the new house than her room will hold.

7) Your husband gives you an uneasy glance when you inform him that you and you alone will be packing the craft room.

8) You raise the art of swearing at the tape gun that refuses to work correctly for you to new heights.

9)  You are seriously considering donating everything you own to charity and then moving to Key West where you will live in a tent in ultra minimalist style.

10) You ditch the Key West idea because two parents, one 12-year-old and three dogs are too much for one tent to hold indefinitely.

11) You have to navigate a labyrinth of boxes to reach either end of the house.  While navigating, you discover where the book boxes are by running into them.  The following trip to the ER is optional.

Have a great day!



Good morning Everyone!

Going on even a mini-vacation is fun; bringing everything back to normal after the mini-vacation – not so much.

Destin harbor’s dunes

Last week, we went down to Destin for the last half of the week, as we do most Junes around Father’s Day.  I have a professional meeting that is usually held that weekend, and this year was no exception.

Our trip lasted three days plus traveling time.  Packing and getting the dogs to the kennel and all the other things that are involved in traveling took about four hours, along with a five-hour driving time.  Getting everything back to normal after the trip took….Well, let’s just say we’re not there yet.

I don’t know why, but it appears to be a rule of nature (or more properly, a rule of my nature) that if the suitcase is not unpacked the day I arrive home the moment it is brought in from the car, a significant period of time elapses before it gets unpacked.  Three days after we have returned from the trip, it is still sitting in the middle of the floor, daring me to do something about it.  Apparently, my subconscious idea to use it as an auxiliary bureau drawer indefinitely will not work out – it currently is taking up enough room in our bedroom that I am going to have to break down and put some shoes back in my closet when I take them off at night or we won’t be able to walk around the bedroom.  (See, The Longest Walk.)

That won’t do at all, now, will it?

Boots and Shoes

Have a great day everyone!