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Good morning Everyone!

I recently have had occasion to reflect upon the adventure of moving.

Hand truck with crates

You know you’re moving if: 

1) You changed all of the shelf paper in the house any time recently.

2) You order new checks with your address on it.

3) You are on a first name basis with The Home Depot greeter who  keeps  a stack of boxes reserved especially for you.

4) Images of full trash bags dance in your head.

5) You tell someone, “I don’t care what it costs; all of the books are coming with us!”

6) You have to search your 12-year-old daughter’s bags every time you leave the old house going to the new house to be sure she isn’t trying to sneak more toys to the new house than her room will hold.

7) Your husband gives you an uneasy glance when you inform him that you and you alone will be packing the craft room.

8) You raise the art of swearing at the tape gun that refuses to work correctly for you to new heights.

9)  You are seriously considering donating everything you own to charity and then moving to Key West where you will live in a tent in ultra minimalist style.

10) You ditch the Key West idea because two parents, one 12-year-old and three dogs are too much for one tent to hold indefinitely.

11) You have to navigate a labyrinth of boxes to reach either end of the house.  While navigating, you discover where the book boxes are by running into them.  The following trip to the ER is optional.

Have a great day!


Help for Newcomers to the Deep South

Hello Everyone!

If you are going to move into the Deep South from anywhere else, here are some tips:

1)  Yes, we are as friendly as we appear.

2)  A southern accent does not equal a low IQ.  It’s not our fault that national news media like to show our most ignorant on TV.

3)  “Y’all” means you and those immediately surrounding you, as in “It’s great to see y’all!”   “All y’all” means you and your household, regardless of whether they are there at the moment, as in “All y’all need to come over to our house sometime for supper.”

4)  Do not make fun of us when we are shivering in sweaters at 50 degrees.  You will need us when it is 98 degrees with 100% humidity.

5)  Do not immediately begin to tell us how much better things are done wherever you came from.  You are the person who chose to come here.

6)  Do not be offended when someone asks you to church.  You can say no, after all.  We are the Bible Belt and to not ask you to church is downright unneighborly.

7)  If you move here during the gloomy, rainy Dark Days in late December, January and February, take heart!  By the end of March, the Southern Spring Show will leave you breathless.

8)  College football is a second religion down here.  Live it, learn it, embrace it, enjoy it.

9)  If you are running low on self-esteem, go to Wal-Mart on a crowded Saturday.  You will feel better.

10)  Remember that your accent sounds as funny to us as ours sounds to you.

Have a great day!


Catching Up

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d use today’s post to catch you up on various happenings.  

First, many, many thanks to Bassa at Bassa’s Blog, who has awarded me the Just Kidding award.  Here is the link to the award post:  http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/35-today/

Per Bassa, the award is given to “those who bring a smile and chuckle in our lives; or appreciate our humor and brighten our day with their posts.  They [Author’s note:  I assume “they” refers to the inventors of the award] said that to receive this award you need to have a good sense of humor, and appreciate others who like to have a chuckle or laugh with you.” There are no rules attached, either.  Simply receive it, and enjoy!  Still, since I can, I am going to award it to a couple of the blogs I read.

Bassa, the Caucasian Shepherd, when she was a puppy.

If they hadn’t already received it, I definitely would give the award to Bassa and her tall person for Bassa’s Blog.  Bassa is an 18 month old Caucasian Shepherd dog who lives in the city of Tbilisi in Georgia.  Bassa  and her tall person write about their adventures and share pictures from their walks in and around Tbilisi on the blog.  De and the little person round out their family, along with a new addition – Barnaby, a kitten they rescued and whom Bassa is training. 

A picture of the new-born lambs up at thekitchensgarden; they were born in the last day or so.

I also would check out Cecilia’s blog, TheKitchensGarden, where she shares her adventures on her and her husband John’s self-sustaining farm, recipes and stories from her past in New Zealand. 

Another fun blog is Kana’s Chronicles; Kana looks at the funny side of life, but spares no punches either.  It is a difficult line to walk to remain funny while staying unabashedly honest, but she walks it well. 

Sadie Lou, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, at Just Ramblin'

Just Ramblin’  is another dog blog, replete with pictures of Miss Stella, a young Newfoundland, and Sadie Lou, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  It also is a blog replete with amazing photography; Just Ramblin’s author is quite a photographer! 

Miss Stella, the Newfoundland "pup" at Just Ramblin'

Oh, and you shouldn’t miss Lisa’s blog, The Big Sheep Blog, where she looks at the funny vignettes that arise in daily life from a sarcastic   smart aleck unique point of view.

 I am sure there are many more of you that deserve this award, so please forgive me if I have left you off the list.

The Sooty Tern Pastel

To turn to another topic, congratulations to Mark K. and  Lisa F. who won the drawing for my sooty tern notecards.  They will be mailed to you soon.  (My family will tell you that my normal definition of “mailing soon” ranges anywhere from three months to the current record of three years.  Actually, the three-year item never did get mailed; the relative it belonged to just came back to visit after three years and remembered to take the item home with her.  However, I will try to make it sooner than that for the winners.) 

Finally, our move is proceeding fairly well.  We have gotten the essential furniture and other items to our rental house, and are settling in.  I have taken Kayla back to her old school and picked her up two days so far, and have managed to survive getting up at 5 a.m. without too much trouble.  

Our New House

I have some pictures of our rental house before we moved into it I will share with you soon; anyone wanting pictures of the house once we are completely settled and set up the way we want will have to wait a while; there is quite a bit of arranging still to do. 


Those of you interested in the dogs will be happy to know that Tyra has adjusted to the house in a way that is quite amazing.  It helps that the house is smaller than our old house, and that it is all one story with only two small steps that she needs to navigate. 


This is Darwin’s first move with us as a family, and it has caused him a little anxiety.  Sunday, Darwin dived into the back of the Escape when we opened it to get something out, thinking we were going back to the old house.  Not wanting to be left behind, he refused to come out of the car.  I couldn’t coax him out, but Mark finally convinced him that it was okay to come out, since we were staying put.

Mandy, Our Husky-Basset Hound Mix

Mandy –  well, Mandy is happy about anywhere with only one small problem, which any dog owner will recognize.  Mandy requires specifically placed geographical locations to complete certain necessary biological functions.  Those spots, unfortunately, could not move with us to the new yard, although the grass in the new yard looks even better to me than the grass in the old yard did.  However, Mandy has not yet found anything in the new yard she is very comfortable with.  That problem should solve itself naturally quite soon. 

Bassa now, along with her kitten, Barnaby

And on that last indelicate note, I will say thanks again to Bassa and the tall person.  Have a great day everyone!


Miss me?

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted, the longest amount of time ever since I started writing this blog, and I just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten you, and miss you quite a bit; we are just in an exceptionally fluid time right now that is taking a lot of time and energy.  To give you a sense of what is going on, let me give you the approximate timeline:

(Warning:  Any hint of anything that sounds like whining is purely intentional – I have to let it out somewhere!; please ignore it)

1) Tyra goes suddenly blind.  Family (including Tyra) adjusts.

2)  Grandpa has heart attack on March 13; Dad, who was about 8 hours away and in the process of returning home from just spending a week in Illinois, turns back.

3) Thursday, March 15.  Mark goes to a job interview.

4) We get the good news that Grandpa is better, and is at home.  (March 17).  I talk to him and Dad that day.

5)  Monday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m.  We learn that Grandpa has died.

6) Tuesday, March 20 – I have doctor’s appointment, Mark has second interview for job.  Mom heads to our house so we can head up to Illinois for Grandpa’s funeral.

7) March 21 – 25.  Either traveling to, staying at, or coming back from, funeral in Illinois.

8)  Kayla has spring break.  March 26-30.  Mark gets job offer at new job in Georgia and accepts it.  March 26.  Mom stays for part of spring break to spend time with Kayla, which we enjoy very much.

9) Kayla goes back to school.  March 26.  Mark gives notice at his current job.  March 26.  We decide where we are going to live (which is in the town where I work) and I begin search for rental house.  (March 26 – 30.)  Put our house up for sale by owner.  (March 27.)

10) Saturday, March 31 .  Mark and Kayla come up to look at potential rental houses with me.

11) Monday, April 2.  We make a decision on a rental house; I start working on lease application and other details.  We plan the first move (some stuff to the rental house, some stuff to stay in our house).

12) Easter Weekend, from Thursday night through Monday – we go to beach.

13) Tuesday, April 10 – Mark starts new job in Franklin, Georgia.  Kayla and I are playing bachelorette for this week, with the three dogs to help us out.  We also are doing a little bit to get us ready to move some stuff to the rental house on Saturday.

14) April 10 – 11 – I get cable, phone and internet at new house set up; am still working on the utilities.

15)  In the meantime, I have been going to Physical Therapy to work on my Achilles tendons three times a week for the past two weeks.  Physical Therapy takes about 3 hours.

So, as you can see, it’s not that I have exactly been wasting my time frivolously; it’s just that I don’t seem to quite have enough hours in the day to accomplish what I need to get done!  Relief is on the horizon though; once we get moved at least partially to the rental house, one major task will be off our to do list, which always makes everything else more manageable.

Have a great day everyone!  I’ll find something more interesting to share with you tomorrow.