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Words, Urns and Shotgun Shells

Good morning Everyone!

Mandy, Our Husky-Basset Hound Mix

I begin this morning with a plea for help – someone (probably from Britain, since they use the word “mum” for “mom”) has been searching my blog the last few days for information on husky-basset hound crosses.  Please, please, please whoever you are, put me out of my misery and tell me why you want to know!  I’ve already been fortunate enough to “talk” to another dog owner who has a husky-basset hound cross, Neda, who owns Sawyer and would love to add to that number!

Frosted Flakes

Frosted Flakes Box

I went grocery shopping Sunday night, and had only two things on my list – napkins and Frosted Flakes.  True to character, i.e., The Perils of Absent-Mindedness, I came out of Winn-Dixie with two different types of roast, four instant packages of rice, a large number of apples, three types of ice cream, Italian bread, spaghetti, Ragu sauce, apple sauce and canned green beans along with various other items – but had bought neither napkins nor Frosted Flakes.  I didn’t have the heart to go back for them either, so I guess we will live without napkins or Frosted Flakes this week.

Flip Flops

The results of Monday’s poll are in, and by a score of 3 to 1, you have declared that it is, in fact, evil to put peanut butter on your daughter’s flip-flops if they are left out under the sofa to encourage the dogs to destroy them.  There were also two “other” votes, but unfortunately the poll did not save the word with “other.”  If those of you who voted “other” have time, please leave a comment letting me know what your “other” word was.  However, alas, based on the vote, Kayla’s flip-flops are safe.  And it was such a fun idea to fantasize about!



Yesterday, I learned that it is not only my daughter that can make funny mistakes when it comes to words.  My art teacher is going to have her gallbladder out, and while I was at my lesson, she and I were joking about what she would do while she was “incapacitated.”  A high school age student, also in the room, looked up in horror and asked, “Isn’t that when they sever your head?”  I swallowed a laugh (I’m getting very good at it), and said, straight-faced, “No, that’s decapitated.”

Grecian Urn

In the “that can’t be true but unfortunately it is” range of stories, I came across the oddest advertisement on the internet yesterday.  A company called lifegems.com advertised that it would create a “certified diamond” in the lab from the “ashes/carbon” of “your loved one.”  Cremation is, in fact, used more and more often, but really, folks, somehow the idea of wearing Aunt Bessie’s remains in a diamond eternity ring is NOT appealing to me.

Of course, this company is not the only free enterprise seeking to find a good use for cremated remains.  I heard on the radio a couple of months ago about a little company here in Alabama that two men have started where they will, if you so desire, take cremated remains and use them in shotgun shells.   This being the South, the radio news team found Billy Bob from Nowhere, Alabama to interview about the idea, and Billy Bob proclaimed that he could rest easier knowing that he would be used after death to bring down a five point buck!  Only in Alabama.

And on that macabre note, I wish each of you a good weekend!