Odds and Ends

Good morning everyone!

I just have a little bit of this and a little bit of that to share this morning, so we will be jumping around some.

  • How do you know if you’re absent-minded?

I was, unfortunately, presented with two unmistakable signs this morning that I am, indeed, prone to be absent-minded.  The first was when, after trying on her own for about five minutes, Kayla came to me for help in finding the peanut butter.  After checking behind her on the counter and in the pantry, I suggested that she try the refrigerator, since every once in a while when I am not paying attention to what I am doing, I put the peanut butter in there.  See, Peanut Butter in the Refrigerator.  Sure enough, there it was, on the top shelf.

The second was when I couldn’t find my glasses.  After roaming our bedroom and bathroom and the great room looking everywhere I could think of, I suddenly put my hands up to my face just to be sure I wasn’t looking for my glasses with them already on my face.  (I have done that before.)  To my immense relief, they weren’t there, but the fact that I had to check is very telling.

  •    Free Slushies

Kayla announced at the dinner table the other night that she would be excited when she got to middle school, where “they” have “free slushies for 75 cents.”  She offered to bring one home for each of us, too.


  • Mandy

Mandy is still eating interminably slow.  While this is great for blogging in the mornings, it presents many other problems in terms of morning preparations, since she won’t eat unless I am sitting here at the table beside her and she is extremely prone to be distracted.  When Kayla comes out for breakfast, she stops eating.  If Kayla leans down to pet her, she stops eating.  If Tyra wanders by, she stops eating.  If she hears any noise in the kitchen, she stops eating.  I bet a butterfly landing on a branch on the other side of the world would be enough for her to stop eating.  The only saving grace is Darwin; if he is anywhere in the vicinity of her and her food, she will eat faster – apparently Tyra is allowed to take her food away if she chooses (it’s been a while since Tyra has done that), but Darwin, as the junior member of the pack, is decidedly not.  Since he’s asleep and snoring in the den right now, I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

Mandy and Darwin, but not while Mandy is eating!

Have a great day!


8 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. I laughed about the glasses. Don’t you hate looking for them when you can’t see what you are looking for! Love your black and white pair of dogs.. c

    • I never like looking for something I need but can’t find! I can see bigger objects without my glasses; I need them to read books and computer screens and for depth perception when I drive. Apparently, things seem nearer to me than they really are without my glasses. The funny thing is that without his glasses, things seem farther away to Mark then they really are. So when we were both driving together before we knew we needed glasses, he would get upset with me because I kept panicking over the space he kept between him and the car in front of him, and I kept wondering why he was following so closely! The sanest entity in the bunch? Our first dog, Shadow, who had, apparently, 20/20 vision. We always knew Mark was following too closely for certain when she would dive from her spot between us in the front seat to the back seat. I think that was our first clue that maybe both of us should get our eyes checked!

      I love Darwin (the black dog) and Mandy (the white dog), and we have a third dog who wasn’t in today’s picture whom I love also. Tyra is black, brown and white, the eldest of the three, and the sweet, sane one of the bunch.


  2. Chuckles! I’m relieved I’m not the only absent-minded blogger 😉

    • Oh, I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the only one either! I do think looking for your glasses when they are on your face is a bit far down the absent minded spectrum, but I have done it, so it was reasonable to check to be sure I hadn’t done it this time! Thank you for your comment.

  3. I have for long enough been wary of admitting to my absent-mindedness! Good to know that at last, I feel supported to come out of the closet about it!!!

    • I’m excited; we now have three absent minded bloggers that will confess it – myself, Belle of the Carnival and yourself, so we have enough to start an association and have an acronym! How about AFAMB, the Association for Absent-Minded Bloggers? We could carefully craft an agenda that we all could then promptly forget so we could figure out what it was we were trying to remember!

  4. This post reminds me of my primary school incident when One day i was looking for my pen and i couldn’t find it. I started complaining and crying and the teacher was almost gonna punish the whole class when a student pointed out that it’s sticking on and hanging on my cap (we used to wear caps in winters in class) 😀

    Great write up!

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