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Random Thoughts from a Professional Woman On the Move

Good morning Everyone!

Yesterday I had a three hour drive round trip for a court appearance.  Since I was free associating, I thought I’d share with you some of the random thoughts flitting through my brain.

1)  I am the only woman in the entire state praying at this moment for God to grant me the grace to eat my breakfast in the car without getting it on my clothes.  (He did!)

2) Another one bites the dust! (Noticing a run in my hose on the way home.)

3)   That wasn’t a nice name to call the driver of the log truck that just cut me off, giving me the privilege of sitting through the third set of lights at this intersection.

4) He deserved it!

Golden Arches, McDonald's, Time Square

Photo Credit: Giorgio Martini from Wikimedia Commons

5)  When the manager of the McDonald’s in Tallassee sees me for the first time in two years and still remembers me, perhaps I went there a little too often for breakfast.

Beam me up Scotty!

Beam Me Up Scotty! Photo by Keven Law from Wikimedia Commons

6)  Where is Scotty and a good transporter when you need them?

On the way home, I could stop at:

7) The book store.

8) The craft store.

9) The fabric store.

10) The ice cream store.

11)  Will power is over rated.

Have a great day!



The First Trip to the Beach, 2014

Good morning, Everyone!

We went to Panama City Beach for the weekend using a Groupon for the Edgewater Beach Condominiums.  While we were hoping for good beach weather, and were led on by the various forecasts we observed until we passed the cancellation date, we ended up with cloudy skies, a brisk wind and a high of 69.

However, it was the beach, so we managed to have fun anyhow.  We had invited a friend of Kayla’s to go with us, so Kayla was happy from the beginning.  She loves having a buddy with her!

We got a late start on Saturday.  For some strange reason, the two girls, ages 11 and 12, weren’t exactly eager to get up in the morning – I think it had something to do with the talking and giggling that occurred once we finally made it to the condo Friday night and after Mark and I went to bed.  Once the two girls had showered and done their hair (here you can add another hour!), we went to Another Broken Egg Cafe which has fabulous brunch dishes.  After that, we decided to go shopping at Pier Park.  I gave each of the girls a little spending money, and had the best time watching them shop.  They would enter a store and just start wandering through the racks.  They would then find something they liked, check the price and then decide whether they could afford it, and, the more difficult decision, whether the item was something they wanted enough to spend their money on.  Kayla’s comments on the prices of things were pretty funny, as were her comments on the multitude of T-shirts whose messages she found offensive in a few stores.  Miss Priss announced that there was no point in buying a T-shirt that you couldn’t wear to school!  I agree with her, but would get embarrassed when she would point to a T-shirt and talk at the top of her voice about how inappropriate it was.

Kayla was also afraid to buy anything because there might be something else farther down the line that she would want more.  She agonized over the Vera Bradley purses (until she found out what they cost!), over these hair twister plastic thingies that would have cost her $30 for 4 (essentially all of her money), and several other items.  She finally decided on a souvenir cup from the retail shop at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Restaurant, and it took all of the sales person’s helpful comments about the lifetime warranty on the cup to for her to keep her resolve.

On the way into the shopping center, we had gone by a kiosk where a man was selling children the opportunity to jump up and down on a trampoline-like thing with harnesses and bungee cords that would let them reach much higher heights than normal.  With the unerring eyes that children have for such things, Kayla saw it on our way in and kept commenting on how much she wanted to “bungee jump.”  Mark hadn’t seen the trampoline outfit, and thought that Kayla was talking about bungee jumping for real, so he was getting very aggravated because he knew that there was no way that she would climb up a high tower and then jump so she could be bounced up and down on an elastic cord.  The situation was not improved by Kayla’s mentioning bungee jumping every 5 minutes or so.  However, as her friend observed, at least it had taken her mind off going to the beach, which had been mentioned every five minutes or so until Kayla saw the trampoline.

Once Mark and Kayla  finally got the resulting word tangle smoothed out, Kayla and her friend got to jump on the trampoline – $10 a child for four minutes of jumping.  I think the kiosk person should have given us a discount – he had no-one waiting to do the jumping until my two girls started, after which he had a line about three families deep.

We returned to the hotel room, where both girls insisted on at least going to the pool.  The pool immediately behind our unit was large, beautifully landscaped and not heated.  They both said that was the one they wanted to try first.  I told them to go on to the pool and try dabbling their feet or their arms in the water until I got back with the towels from the car and let me know when I got back if they still wanted to stay in that pool, or instead find a heated one.

It took much less time than I expected.  They greeted me at the door leading to the unheated lagoon pool expressing a decided preference for the heated pool.  It was only behind the next tower, so it wasn’t far.

The heated pool was a big success with them! I sat pool-side and read while they played.  Late, late in the afternoon, the sun burst through the clouds for just a little while, and they both begged to go to the beach.  We only had about a half hour left anyhow before we had to return to the room, so I took them on down.  My child’s friend tried the water at various depths, announced it was too cold, and returned to play on the beach but not in the water.  Kayla kept insisting the water wasn’t that cold and spent about 20 minutes in it, after which she too finally came out.  She said you got used to the water after a while; I’m convinced that her legs just went numb from the cold.

We finished our night with a wonderful dinner at Captain Anderson’s, a fabulous restaurant, and mini-golf, which was a  lot of fun.

We had to get up early the next morning in order to return home, so we sent the girls to bed about nine.  I’m fairly certain they didn’t sleep until a long time after that, but at least we tried.  They spent a fair amount of time sacked out in the car as we drove home.

The forecast for Sunday, when we had to leave by 7,was, of course, sunny and 75.  It looked like Panama City Beach was going to reach that and more when we left.

I hope all of you had a Happy Easter!  Have a great day!


Panic! (Only 39 more days until Christmas Arrives!)

Good morning everyone!

Kayla asked me yesterday whether we were going to have any company over soon, and as I listed what we had planned for the next few weekends, I came to a stunning realization – Christmas is only six weeks away! Thanksgiving is next week!  How can this be possible?


It seems like only last week we were coming to the end of summer vacation and the start of the new school year,  only last month when summer vacation began, and just a couple of months ago that I started writing this blog and Mark and I were enjoying Key West.  It just isn’t possible that 2011 can be getting ready to leave us, and yet it is!


Once I realized how close Christmas is, I had a brief moment of panic.  Beyond an idea or two floating out there for one or two gifts, I have done nothing towards preparing for Christmas.  (Yes, Mom, I know – you probably are only one gift away from finishing your Christmas shopping now, if you haven’t finished it already, and I admire you and the others out there who are in the same state of preparedness  – but somehow that gene just didn’t get transferred to me!)

After a brief moment though, the panic subsided.  Even though only three of those weekends may be available for shopping, the internet has changed the way I shop.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing for chronic procrastinators such as myself.  While I can reach a much greater array of products than I could otherwise, the fact that many sites proudly announce that you can order your gifts as late as December 21, 22 or 23 and still have them arrive by Christmas doesn’t exactly spur me into immediate action.  And yes, I still do a fair share of gift buying at local merchants as well, which conveniently will be open as late as the morning of Christmas Eve.  (However, even I prefer not to wait that late if I can help it!)

Well, thank you for giving me just a minute to share my panic attack with you.  I feel better already!  Do you?

Have a great day everyone!


P.S.  What do you do to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the holiday of your choice this time of year and when do your preparations start?

The Price is Right (?)

Hi Everyone!

As you know if you follow this blog, I am at home right now recuperating from surgery.  My Mom is here helping me.  She also decided to make Kayla’s Halloween costume while she is here (she and Kayla have agreed on a Rapunzel costume.)  When I came out of my room this morning from my morning nap, Mom had the TV on just for the background noise value while she was sewing.  The Price is Right was on.  I haven’t watched it for years – it is entertaining, plus I like Drew Carey, but I am astonished at the prices that they are listing for items on the show.

Brookstone Vienna Plus Cappuccino Espresso Maker, $580.00

For example, they had four contestants guess on the price of an espresso cappuccino machine.    The low guess was $400, and the high guess was $700.  The actual price?  Over $1000!!! 

Apparently, the Price is Right people don’t shop where I do.  I just did a Google search for espresso cappuccino machines, and the highest priced one the computer pulled on the first round was around $130.00.  After a little more searching, I found the one pictured above, which looks like a very nice one even to a non-espresso, non-capuccino aficionado, and it was $580.00.   Now, I am sure the model on the show had many extra features than the one I just pulled, but still…

At Lowe's, Dacor professional 48 inch dual fuel range, priced at $10,799

They also had a steam shower and an oven range for one contestant, and they wanted the contestant to guess which one was worth $5470.00.  The contestant picked the steam shower, which is what I would have picked also.  However, my reasoning was that there was no way an oven range would cost that much (this did not look to me like one of the souped up commercial ranges). 

Boy was I wrong!  The oven range cost over $8000!  So, again, knowing I have never in my life spent that much for an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances, (we bought our first oven for our first house $150.00 at an auction 19 years ago), let alone for one appliance, I took a second quick hop back to the internet to price oven ranges.  To splurge, I went ahead and priced double oven ranges.  The first results I came up with topped out at $1700, but investigating further I found that there are indeed professional ranges that even exceed $10,000, so perhaps the Price is Right people did come up with a bargain on that one. 

Still, I think someone should suggest to them that they try shopping at Wal-mart, Target, Lowe’s or Home Depot like the rest of us.  Or maybe I’m just cheap…..

Have a great day everyone!