Rules I Never Thought I’d Need – An Addition

Good morning Everyone! 

I have a new rule to include with my parenting list of rules I never thought I’d need:

Do not blow-dry the dogs after they have been outside in the rain.

Image designed by me with clip-art from The Print Shop III.

We think Mandy will recover emotionally, given time.  She seems, however, to have acquired a newfound respect for even vacuum cleaners. 


Go figure!

Have a great day everyone!


3 responses to “Rules I Never Thought I’d Need – An Addition

  1. Just absolutely love it!

  2. well, Nancy…I did that one time on Susan’s hamster. Sue was about 5 years old and I gave her hamster a bath and blew dried it…it died.. 😦 of course, she accused me of murder.. lololol

  3. It would have to be an industrial size blower to get me dry! 🙂

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