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Where did the time go?

Good morning Everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, a cousin of mine posted a picture on Facebook reminding all of us that there were (at that time) only 10 shopping  weekends before Christmas.  I could hear (and joined in) the collective groan that rose as those fatal words were read.  Didn’t we just clear the Fourth of July or something?

On September 21, I posted about Mandy’s accident.  I blinked, spun around once, and now over a month has gone by!  Mandy has made an excellent  recovery.  All but one of her stitches came out yesterday, and her ear looks distinctively untorn, which was the whole goal of the surgery.

She handled wearing the cone for about two weeks with grace and panache.  I know she prefered NOT to have it on, but she didn’t mope around when it was on.  She did find that it cramped her scavenging style.  Counters and kitchen floors were much harder to access.  I got more than one puzzled look from her when she was in the kitchen trying to rescue a dropped piece of food from the floor and she couldn’t quite reach it with her collar on.

I found a new app for my phone the other day that lets me do a sort of crossword puzzle on it, which I have enjoyed, although I did take issue with the answer “crochet” for the clue “a knitting technique.”  Tisn’t so, as any knitter or crocheter will tell you.  Knitting is knitting, and crochet is crochet.  Different tools, different techniques, different considerations.  The only thing they share in common is that they both use yarn and patience.

And that’s about all for now!

Have a great day!


Merry Christmas!

Good morning Everyone!

We got the tree and other Christmas decorations at our house up last week.  As I share them with you, I also am wishing each of you a Merry Christmas or other holiday greeting of your choice!  Here’s to a fond farewell to 2014, and a hearty hello to 2015!

Manger Scene

This is our family crèche, also known as our family manger scene. This is the first time in three Christmases that I have been able to put it up the way I like – the rental house we lived in for two years did not have a good place. It never feels quite like Christmas without the crèche up!

small tree 1, fiber optic

The last Thanksgiving that Mark’s Dad was alive (he died in May 2001), he and Mark’s mom and Mark and I went on a trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in our campers. We stopped at a Christmas store, and I saw my first fiber optic tree there, and bought it. We still put it out every year, and (knock on wood) it still is shining brightly.

small tree 2, fiber optic

The fiber optic cables shift between different colors.

Tree 2, pre-lit, white lights

Mark is a white light Christmas person, and I am a colored light Christmas person. We thought never the twain should meet until we bought last year’s pre-wired artificial tree – it has a dual personality!

Tree 1, pre-lit, colored lights

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Top 50 Christmas Songs?

Hi Everyone!

A piano book appeared in our house the other day.  I say “appeared” because none of the three of us remembers  where it came from or when it arrived, but it is full of easy Christmas music arrangements by Dan Coates, and the title of the book is Top 50 Christmas Hits.

While the book has many of what we would think of as “traditional” Christmas carols, and even some of the less “traditional” but familiar Christmas songs such as “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” there are songs in this “top 50” book that I have never heard.  Some of them, I thought, were worth sharing with you.

1) In the “Okay, then,” category:  “The Annual Animal Christmas Ball,” Words and Music by George David Weiss

See the donkeys going wild, 
See the rabbits by the mile, 
Racin’ rather madly down the trail, 
Honkin’ geese and quackin’ ducks, 
Little lambs and great big bucks, 
Never even stopping to inhale.
See the horned rhinoceros, 
And the duck-billed platypus, 
Go with greater gusto than a gale; 
And it’s not polite to laugh
When the camel and giraffe 
Stop to thumb their noses at the snail. 
It’s the annual animal Christmas Ball, 
It’s the annual animal Christmas Ball, 
And a very good time will be had by all, 
At the annual animal Christmas Ball. 

2) In the “truth in advertising” category:  “Nuttin’ for Christmas,” Words and Music by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett

I broke my bat on Johnny’s head, 
Somebody snitched on me.
I hid a frog in sister’s bed, 
Somebody snitched on me. 
I spilled some ink on Mommy’s rug, 
I made Tommy eat a bug, 
Bought some gum with a penny slug, 
Somebody snitched on me. 
Oh, I’m gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas, 
Mommy and Daddy are mad. 
I’m getting nuttin’ for Christmas. 
I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad.  

3) In the “Too Much Math for Me!” category:   “Thirty-two Feet and Eight Little Tails,” Words and Music by John Redmond, James Cavanaugh and Frank Weldon

Dash, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, 
Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, 
Over the moon so bright, 
Thirty-two feet and eight little tails of white
Hurry, hurry hurry through the night. 

4)  In the “Let’s Not Go There” category: “The Twelve Pounds of Christmas” Words and Music by Tom Zigler.  (I’ll just put out the last verse for your reading pleasure!)

On the twelfth pound of Christmas, my mirror said to me, “Sooie, pig, sooie!”
Grazing is for cattle, 
Schedule liposuction, 
I wouldn’t wear that Spandex, 
That’s not on Weight Watchers, 
Don’t go back for seconds, 
Cut back just a little, 
The dryer shrunk your jeans! 
You’re retaining fluid, 
You’re big-boned, 
I really didn’t notice, 
And your butt still looks good to me! 

(As the founding member of the “Chocolate Santas Are Good for You” Association, I object strongly to the opinions expressed in the previous song!)

5) In the “Oops!” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” categories:  “Santa Claus on De Coconut Tree” Words and Music by John Fales and Horace Linsley.

In de tropics where we have no snow, 
Rudolph and de reindeer, dey cannot go, 
But our little island, Santa never forget. 
He bring us all gifts in his corporate jet. 
But this Christmas Eve, oops! 
He run outta gas. 
Santa gotta bail out mighty fast.
Plane and presents splash into de sea. 
We’ll parachute land him on a coconut tree. 
Santa Claus on de coconut tree, 
Wavin’ and smilin’ so merrily.
Christmas mornin’, 
What a sight to see! 
Santa Claus on de coconut tree! 

6) And in the multiple categories of “Weirdest Christmas Song Ever,” “Say what?” and “That’s Just Disgusting,” I bring you the marvelous saga of “The Fruitcake That Ate New Jersey,”  Words and Music by Lauren Mayer.

Frightening, horrible things they say
Can lurk in what seems to be ev’ryday.
So better be wary, 
It’s even more scary when
Evil appears to be sweet.
Take, for example, this time of year.
Should elves and Santa Claus cause us fear? 
This innocent season is all the more reason to watch out or you might meet
The fruitcake that ate New Jersey
Never shows any mercy
Devouring ev’rything in each town
And nothing and no one can slow it down. 
Ev’ryone it would since meet
Ends up as a hunk of mincemeat. 
A horrible fate, to end up on the plate of the
Fruitcake that ate New Jersey!

Have a good day everyone!


The Twelve Days Pre-Christmas


(To the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” with apologies to Mark, who hates that song!)


On the first day pre-Christmas, my true love said to me:  “We need to go shopping promptly.” 


On the second day pre-Christmas, my true love said to me, “Need to put the tree up.”
–  But we need to go shopping promptly.


On the third day pre-Christmas, my true love said to me, “Let’s have a party!”
 (But we need to put the tree up
And we need to go shopping promptly.)


 On the fourth day pre-Christmas, my child said to me, “I need some presents! You’ll have a party.  Why isn’t the tree up?” and “You need to go shopping promptly!”


On the fifth day pre-Christmas, my wondering eyes did see – A SALE AT MACY’S! 
My child  still needs presents,
The party’s Friday,
The tree still is not up
And I need to go shopping promptly!


On the sixth day pre-Christmas, my bad self said to me, “Eat a chocolate Santa!”
– There’s A SALE AT MACY’S!
My child still needs presents,
The party’s Friday,
The tree is still not up
And I need to go shopping promptly.


On the seventh day pre-Christmas, my conscience said to me, “No more chocolate Santas!”
(I don’t care, I found one!) 
There’s a SALE AT MACY’S!
My child still needs presents,
The party’s Friday,
The tree is halfway up
And I need to go shopping promptly.


On the eighth day pre-Christmas, the school note said to me “20 cupcakes in two days now! ” 
No more chocolate Santas!
(How about a Reese’s?),
There’s a SALE AT MACY’S!
Child’s gifts now hidden,
The party’s soon,
The tree just got knocked down
And I need to go shopping promptly.


On the ninth day pre-Christmas my true love said to me, “Aren’t you a little stressed dear?”
20 cupcakes by tomorrow,
(I don’t care, I’ll have one),
There’s a SALE AT MACY’S! 
Child’s not found her gifts,
Party’s almost here,
The tree is standing up
And I need to go shopping promptly.


On the tenth day pre-Christmas, my oven said to me, “Why haven’t you bought the turkey?”
I’m a little stressed now,
20 cupcakes by this evening,
(Shut up about the Santas! – I’m going to have two more now)
There’s a SALE AT MACY’S! 
Child’s gifts still in hiding,
The party’s now,
The tree is not yet lit
And I need to go shopping promptly.


On the eleventh day pre-Christmas, my true love said to me, “What about the dressing?”
Where did I put the turkey? 
I’m getting truly stressed now,
20 cupcakes from the grocers,
NO MORE CHOCOLATE SANTAS!  (I can’t hear you Conscience)
There’s a SALE AT MACY’s! 
Child’s gifts locked up tight now,
The party’s done,
The tree just blew a fuse
And I need to go shopping promptly!


On the day that Christmas got here, I woke up and did see –
A banquet for my family,
Turkey and Dressing,
Even giblet gravy,
Stress has gone away now,
Stockings filled with care
(But no chocolate Santas)
Child loves her gifts,
No more parties now,
Tree is A-OK,
And I’m going to nap until New Years!

Panic! (Only 39 more days until Christmas Arrives!)

Good morning everyone!

Kayla asked me yesterday whether we were going to have any company over soon, and as I listed what we had planned for the next few weekends, I came to a stunning realization – Christmas is only six weeks away! Thanksgiving is next week!  How can this be possible?


It seems like only last week we were coming to the end of summer vacation and the start of the new school year,  only last month when summer vacation began, and just a couple of months ago that I started writing this blog and Mark and I were enjoying Key West.  It just isn’t possible that 2011 can be getting ready to leave us, and yet it is!


Once I realized how close Christmas is, I had a brief moment of panic.  Beyond an idea or two floating out there for one or two gifts, I have done nothing towards preparing for Christmas.  (Yes, Mom, I know – you probably are only one gift away from finishing your Christmas shopping now, if you haven’t finished it already, and I admire you and the others out there who are in the same state of preparedness  – but somehow that gene just didn’t get transferred to me!)

After a brief moment though, the panic subsided.  Even though only three of those weekends may be available for shopping, the internet has changed the way I shop.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing for chronic procrastinators such as myself.  While I can reach a much greater array of products than I could otherwise, the fact that many sites proudly announce that you can order your gifts as late as December 21, 22 or 23 and still have them arrive by Christmas doesn’t exactly spur me into immediate action.  And yes, I still do a fair share of gift buying at local merchants as well, which conveniently will be open as late as the morning of Christmas Eve.  (However, even I prefer not to wait that late if I can help it!)

Well, thank you for giving me just a minute to share my panic attack with you.  I feel better already!  Do you?

Have a great day everyone!


P.S.  What do you do to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the holiday of your choice this time of year and when do your preparations start?